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Bowe Dry Cleaning Machines

Bowe iLine


Bowe CometLine MultiSolvent Dry Cleaning Machines

Iline M - MultiSolvent dry cleaning machine, 3 Tanks with distillation)

Bowe CometLine Perc Dry Cleaning Machines

iLine P - Perc dry cleaning machine


  • Three tanks
  • Two filters (option)
  • Slimsorba Carbon Recovery
  • Still pump-out system

A range of dry cleaning machines representing the culmination of over 70 years design and development.

BÖWE now make two classes of machine. One for Perc i.e. the BÖWE iLine-P machines and the other, the BÖWE iLine-M, as a MultiSolvent® machine for all class A III chlorine-free solvents with a flash point greater than 55°C and that are lighter than water (e.g. Hydrocarbon, cyclosiloxanes like GreenEarth® or Synthetic Alcohols like SENSENE™ from DOW (now Safechem) ).
By simply changing software settings, all functions and processes are adjusted to the solvent chosen.
BÖWE has also cracked the problem with biodegradable solvents that has got others stymied: The creation of odour.
When there is water in the solvent it creates and environment for bacterial growth leading to odour.
In order to best separate water or low-boiling liquids from the solvents and thus eliminate the creation of oduor, a fractional distillation process and an automatic multi-step water separator are absolutely necessary. It goes without saying that these features are standard on all BÖWE MultiSolvent® dry cleaning machines.

The BÖWE iLine is available for use with Perc in capacities of 12, 15 or 18kg or in MultiSolvent® version for Hydrocarbon or Greenearth etc also in capacities of 12, 15 or 18kg.

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