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Shirt Finisher Payback Calculator

Enter your shirt finishing details below to see how quickly a VEIT shirt machine can pay for itself and start earning money for you!

Days per week  
Price per shirt (£)  
Labour Cost per hour (£)  
  If you pay by the piece multiply by the number per hour
Hand Iron shirts/hour  
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Electricity per kWh (£)  
To fully fund the lease costs of a:
VEIT 8319 8326 8900
You must process this many shirts each day -->
That number of shirts will take this many minutes -->
Shirts per day required to start payback on investment
(Based solely on Labour saved against Hand Ironing)      
Costs per hour (£) Shirt finisher and Collar & Cuff
Electricity (Steam Generation and Fan Motors)
Revenue per hour (£)
Profit per hour (deducting Energy and Staff costs)
Profit per shirt
Calculations based on the combination of a VEIT shirt finisher with a VEIT 8905 Collar & Cuff Press operated in accordance with the VEIT Shirt Finishing Concept workflow pattern and Lease Finance with a 10% deposit paid and the balance over five years.
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