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Welcome to VEIT Laundry and Dry Cleaning finishing with Service Machinery Limited

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SML are here to provide sales, service and support to our customers in the Laundry and Dry Cleaning Industry with top quality products such as those from VEIT.


VEIT GmbH who manufacture garment finishing equipment, primarily for the garment industry have developed a range of models including Garment Formers and Shirt Machines specifically for the laundry and dry cleaning sector. We can also offer expertise in VEIT Tunnel Finishers which in the past have normally been found in manufacturing plants.

If you think Tunnel Finishing is not for you, think again. These are not traditional Laundry Tunnels but are highly sophisticated serial finishing systems which when integrated properly into the laundry process can produce stunning results and garment processing rates of up to 3000 pieces per hour!.


Dry Cleaning or Wet Cleaning. It's up to you but whichever way you decide we can help with equipment and expertise.


How many shirts a day do you need before you must have a Shirt Finisher?

To find out visit our Payback Calculator or see the VEIT Product pages for details for Shirt Machine details.


Garment Manufacturing Industry

If you are a Manufacturer of shirts, blouses, jackets or trousers, even if it is casual trousers or classic trouser, or maybe it is sports jackets or classic jackets or even knitwear like Polo-Shirts, T-Shirts or Sweat Shirts VEIT also have the suitable machine!


Furthermore VEIT offer complete logistic solutions for Textile Refinisher's and Returns Departments at mail order companies. From unpacking to in-house transport to Tunnel finisher and Bagging Machines, VEIT have everything to make your processes more productive and more economical!


In the Interior / Automotive section you will find manual as well as fully automated solutions to remove wrinkles out of seats, door panels, column panels and other interior parts.




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